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Pluralsight – Managing AWS Security and Identity 2016 TUTORiAL

Pluralsight – Managing AWS Security and Identity 2016 TUTORiAL | 815 MB

Security is one of the number-one issues for those considering moving workloads to the cloud. This course shows how to use AWS IAM services to tighten security and lock down resources.

Course Overview 2m 24s
Course Overview 2m 24s
User Security and Identity and Access Management 56m 25s
Introduction 1m 0s
Understanding AWS Shared Responsibilities 7m 10s
What Is the AWS Root User Account? 3m 4s
The Misfortune of a Compromised Root User Account 3m 46s
The Disadvantages of Sharing the Root User Account 4m 8s
How IAM Interacts with Other AWS Resources 2m 44s
Scenario: Introduction 1m 25s
Scenario: Wired Brain Coffee 5m 36s
Scenario: Globomantics 7m 49s
Demo: Getting Started with an AWS Free Account 5m 20s
Demo: Creating a New AWS Account 4m 37s
Demo: Navigating the AWS Web Console 4m 28s
Demo: Introducing IAM in the AWS Web Console 4m 13s
Conclusion 58s
Creating and Managing IAM Users 1h 5m 42s
Introduction 1m 6s
IAM Users Overview 4m 46s
IAM Users 6m 35s
Demo: Creating IAM Users 3m 42s
Password Policies 3m 36s
Configuring the IAM Password Policy 3m 12s
Access Keys 5m 4s
Creating Access Keys 5m 49s
Demo: Creating and Using Access Keys 4m 52s
Multi-factor Authentication 10m 5s
Demo: Enabling Multi-factor Authentication 9m 28s
Permissions 2m 58s
Demo: Assigning Permissions 1m 39s
Conclusion 2m 43s
IAM Groups and Best Practices 35m 33s
IAM Groups 6m 45s
Scenario Examples for IAM Groups 3m 40s
Creating IAM Groups 1m 37s
Demo: Creating an IAM Group 4m 32s
Benefits of Using IAM Groups 2m 24s
Demo: Editing Group Membership 2m 48s
User and Groups Best Practices 12m 37s
Conclusion 1m 7s
Assigning Policies to Users and Groups 1h 5m 52s
Introduction 57s
IAM Policies 5m 58s
IAM Policy Structure 5m 49s
Creating a New Policy 3m 42s
AWS Managed Policies 5m 36s
In-line Policies 8m 50s
Policy Versioning 4m 12s
Demo: Introducing Policies 6m 20s
Demo: Creating a Policy 3m 10s
Demo: Troubleshooting Policies2 m 3s
Demo: Policy Versions 47s
Demo: In-line Policies 2m 56s
Policy Simulator 8m 6s
Demo: Policy Simulator 5m 16s
Conclusion 2m 2s
When to Use Roles Instead of Users 30m 38s
Introduction 41s
Understanding Roles 1m 56s
Benefits of Roles 6m 59s
Creating a Role 6m 42s
Demo: Creating a Role 5m 36s
Demo: Assigning a Role 5m 25s
Cross-account Access with Roles 1m 55s
Conclusion 1m 21s
Auditing User Account Access 58m 7s
Introduction 47s
Auditing and AWS Auditing Tools 8m 11s
AWS Cloud Trail 14m 39s
Demo: Configuring Cloud Trail 2m 45s
Access Advisor 5m 27s
Demo: Using Access Advisor 1m 16s
Credential Report 5m 37s
Demo: Generating Credential Reports 2m 14s
AWS Trusted Advisor 7m 12s
Demo: Using Trusted Advisor 2m 14s
Amazon Inspector 5m 29s
Conclusion 2m 9s
Federating Multiple AWS Accounts 54m 49s
Introduction 49s
Multiple AWS Accounts 4m 43s
Cross-account Access 5m 54s
Backup and Disaster Recovery 6m 25s
Demo: Preparing the Backup AWS Accoun t6m 8s
Demo: Setting up the Role 4m 33s
Demo: How to Assume a Role 2m 39s
Demo: Assuming a Role in the CLI 3m 45s
Consolidated Billing 4m 25s
Demo: Setting up Consolidated Billing 3m 38s
Centralized Logging 4m 9s
Demo: Setting up Centralized Logging 5m 58s
Conclusion 1m 38s
Federating with External Identity Providers 47m 10s
Introduction 40s
Understanding Federation 4m 18s
Fundamentals of Federation 7m 30s
STS Action APIs 7m 6s
Corporate Identities: Simple AD 7m 51s
Corporate Identities: Microsoft AD 5m 4s
Corporate Identities: AD Connector 4m 49s
Demo: Creating a Simple AD 3m 23s
Non-AD Environments 2m 5s
Social Identities 3m 4s
Conclusion 1m 16s

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