Dungeons 2-CODEX

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Dungeons 2-CODEX (PC/ENG/2015)
English | PC | 2015 | 2.17 GB
Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

The Dungeon Lord is back – and this time he’s serious! In Dungeons 2, fulfil the Dungeon Lord’s insatiable quest for vengeance by recruiting fearsome new monsters from all corners of the underworld in order to undertake his evil bidding. Taking over the underworld isn’t enough though – this time The Dungeon Lord will extend his dominion over the puny humans and attempt to conquer the overworld too!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015-CODEX

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2015-CODEX (PC/ENG/2015)
English | PC | 2015 | 1.36 GB
Genre: Simulation

Now you can own and operate your own auto repair service with PlayWay’s Car Mechanic Simulator 2014. New cars, new tools, new options, more parts and much more fun in the next version of Car Mechanic Simulator! Take your wrench! Create and expand your auto repairs service empire. Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 will take you behind the scenes of daily routine in car workshop. Take on the role of the car mechanic and repair cars for your clients. Spend the earned money on expanding your workshop and improving your skills. Buy worn out cars, renovate them and sell with profit or become a famous car collector. If you manage your business well, you will surely succeed in the market.

Broken Age Complete-FLT

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Broken Age Complete-FLT (PC/ENG/2015)
English | PC | 2015 | 2.07 GB
Genre: Adventure

The first graphic adventure by Tim Schafer in sixteen years, Broken Age began in a historic, record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. Now it's here in all its beautiful, 2D, hand-painted glory, with an original orchestral soundtrack and an all-star vocal cast. Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shay Volta are two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds. The player can freely switch between their stories, helping them take control of their own lives, and dealing with the unexpected adventures that follow. They said adventure games were dead, but then Broken Age punched its hand out of the grave and grabbed you by the wrist and you screamed just like in the end of Carrie except what you screamed was "I love adventure games so much!" And sorry I spoiled the end of Carrie. Act 1 is available now, and the act 2 conclusion will arrive as a free update early this year!

Battle of Empires: 1914-1918-CODEX

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Battle of Empires: 1914-1918-CODEX (PC/ENG/2015)
English | PC | 2015 | 1.58 GB
Genre: Action

Battle of Empires :1914-1918 is a story driven RTS, that re-lives some of the bloodiest battles of “The Great War”. The missions include some of the most fearsome weaponary employed of the period. Sabotage, stealth, trench warfare, gas attacks, artillery and mobile infantry – BoE has it all! The first campaign of the series – Battle of Empires: France – is devoted to the battles between the French and German armies on the Western Front. The second campaign- Battle of Empires: Russian Empire – is devoted to the battles between the Russian and German armies on the Eastern front. Both of these campaigns are included in the base game. Gameplay is similar to other Men of War based titles, with the ability to control your men, at divisional, squad and soldier levels. The graphics have been developed to show the beauty and horrors of “The Great War”. To extend the playability of BoE, various multiplayer modes are included to allow competitive gameplay with up to 8 players able to participate in any one battle cross a variety of loctions. So what are you waiting for soldier? The battlefeild awaits your command!

Assassins Creed Chronicles China Multi13 Repack By R.G Mechanics

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Assassins Creed Chronicles China Multi13 Repack By R.G Mechanics (PC/MULTI/2015)
Multi | PC | 2015 | 2.28 GB
Genre: Arcade (Platform) / 3D

Follow the three legendary assassins in search of vengeance and justice. Assassin's Creed Chronicles talk about the three turning points in history: the fall of the Ming Dynasty in China, wars Sikh Empire in India and the October Revolution in Russia. Assassin's Creed Chronicles – a game for those who knows the art stealth and likes to create their own history. You will be able to try on the role of Shao Jun, Arbaaz Peace and Nikolai Orlov 2.5D embodiment universe Assassin's Creed. Hide in the shadows, learn parkour skills and make jumps of faith against the backdrop of stunning scenery.

Airport Simulator 2015-PLAZA

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Airport Simulator 2015-PLAZA (PC/ENG/2015)
English | PC | 2015 | 377 MB
Genre: Simulation

Experience exciting and varied tasks in the field of aircraft handling at a major international airport and take control of high-powered aircraft tractors, de-icing vehicles, and many more! Airport Simulator 2015 features a total of five popular aircraft types and 14 different vehicles, offering a huge range of different tasks on the apron and taxiway. Make sure that planes are refueled and boarded while also taking care of catering and baggage and cargo transport. Navigate airplanes to their parking positions with the aid of the follow-me car and get behind the wheel of the shuttle bus to transport passengers. Guide the ground power unit to the required position, prepare the passenger stair truck or jet bridge, and much more. When the weather starts to get cold, your skills in ice and snow removal will be put to the test. Airport Simulator 2015 also features an entire fleet of vehicles.

Men of War Assault Squad GOTY – GOG

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Men of War Assault Squad GOTY – GOG (PC/ENG/2011)
English | PC | 2011 | 1.89 GB
Genre: Strategy | Real-time | Historical

Men of War: Assault Squad Game of the Year Edition includes the full original game as well as all five of the previously released DLC's.

Omerta City of Gangsters Gold Edition-I KnoW

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Omerta City of Gangsters Gold Edition-I KnoW (PC/MULTI/2015)
MULTI | PC | 2015 | 2.56 GB
Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Omerta City of Gangsters Gold Edition-I KnoW.

GTA San Andreas 2004 PC

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GTA San Andreas 2004 PC (cracked) (click to play (no install)) (PC/ENG/2015)
English | PC | 2015 | 4.684 GB
Genre: Third-Person Action

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a 2004 open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North in the United Kingdom and published by Rockstar Games. A sequel to the successful title Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), San Andreas is the third 3D game in the Grand Theft Auto series, the fifth original console release and eighth game overall. Originally released for the PlayStation 2 in October 2004, the game has since been released for the Xbox and Microsoft Windows in June 2005, the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Xbox 360 in October 2008, and the PlayStation Store via PSN for the PlayStation 3 in December 2012. It was made available on Steam on January 4, 2008,[5] and on Intel-based Macs running a minimum of Mac OS X 10.6.6 in September 2011. The game was succeeded by Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories in 2005.

Grand Theft Auto V Update PC [NO CRACK]

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Grand Theft Auto V Update PC [NO CRACK] (PC/ENG/2015)
English | PC | 2015 | 363 MB
Genre: Third-Person Action

Trouble taps on your window again with this next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe, set in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California.

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